#018 Peter Moc: Guitarist, Educator and Composer

Peter Moc is a Czech-born guitarist, educator, composer who lives in Dublin, Ireland.

When he’s not sharing his gifts as a teacher, Peter can be found touring and recording in NewYork City, Dublin, and through Europe.

In 2015, Moc and American jazz legend, Larry Coryell (the "Godfather of fusion") established the annual event, "Tribute to Emily Remler" celebrating short but productive life of jazz guitarist Emily Remler.

Peter has performed and recorded with some of today’s most exciting improvisers including Lange Lund, Brian Charette, Sheryl Bailey and Nir Felder, to name a few.

I met Peter almost 10 years ago while on tour with bassist, Viktor Krauss. The gig was in the small northern city of Děčin in the Czech Republic. He was our translator/ support person for the evening. As we began talking, I instantly recognized, “he was one of us”! He was curious, interested and had a fire inside him which stuck with me. We stayed in touch and met up periodically over the next few years and It’s been awesome to see the life and career he’s manifested for himself! He’s the type of musician who’s confident but humble and is not afraid to do the work required to realize his dreams! All key qualities for success, if you ask me!

You can find out more about Peter at http://www.petermoc.com

or follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/peter.moc.7

and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/petermocmusic/

Music featured in the is episode:

"The Pick-up" & "Follow Me".   

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