#017 Nadia Ackerman: Singer, Songwriter, Illustrator, Entrepreneur

Australian born singer, songwriter, illustrator, and entrepreneur Nadia Ackerman moved to NYC from Sydney in 1998 to pursue her passion for singing and has been taking the “Big Apple” by storm ever since!

With five albums under her belt, appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, SNL and Good Morning America, she has also performed with  Sting, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Billy Joel.

In 2012, Nadia’s story took an unexpected twist. She began to see her songs as images and felt an overwhelming desire to draw her music which turned into an unexpected and wildly successful new career. Today Nadia’s company “Natchie” creates prints of her original illustrations based on her songs which include song lyrics plus a free download code. If you’re in NYC you can visit her at The Empire Stores in DUMBO or head over to her website. If that wasn’t enough, Nadia is in the midst of finishing up a new album and the first single “The Well” is out now!

I met Nadia over dinner last December and I found her story fascinating! Here openness to possibility and her adventurous spirit are infectious and I think all of us can gain a little something, something from listening to her story!

Music featured in this episode.

"My Darling John" & "The Well" 

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