#014 John Deley: NYC-Based Keyboard Player/ Musical Director/ Home-Slice!

John Deley is a NYC-based keyboard player, pianist and musical director. He’s performed with so many well-known artists, I’d spend the whole show reading off the list to you! But here’s the cliff-notes version, JD has performed and/or recorded with practically everyone ranging from Andy Grammar to Elvis Costello to Angelique Kidjo. He’s performed on multiple Broadway musicals including, Spiderman and Shrek. If that was enough, John is the keyboard player who plays all the underscore music for Sesame Street.

We go all the way back!

We lived together for years back in Boston. From crashing his car to spilling a coffee into his upright piano to playing countless gigs together, John is one of my closest friends!

John is as equally soulful as he is self-aware and someone I call on before making any big life decision. Listen to John, this guy is preaching the truth and can help you get on the fast track to landing your dream gig! You can find out more about John and his band, The 41 Players at www.the41players.com and on FB and Instagram.

Music featured in this episode.

"Big Chief" performed by the 41 Players

"Watercolors" featuring John Deley - piano, Kristy Norter - sax, Teddy Kumpel - guitar, Richard Hammond - bass and Ethan Eubanks - drums

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