#003 Brian Charette: NYC Hammond Organist

NYC's Brian Charette is a leading voice on the Hammond Organ. His music runs the gamut from, traditional organ influenced jazz to more modern fare, combining the organ with analog synthesizers and circuit-bent synthesis. Charette has released numerous records on the Steeplechase and Positone labels as well as independently. He tours the world and regularly performs with some of the brightest stars in Jazz including, George Coleman, Vic Juris, Peter Bernstein, Ari Hoenig, Ben Monder and Oz Noy, to name few. He's a Grammy-nominated musician and is regularly found in the top of the heap of major music polls. Besides his musical accomplishments, Brian is a great resource for musicians trying to learn to navigate the music business, develop their brand and audience. A thoughtful and spiritual soul, Charette has thought deeply about how he strives to be in the world and the energy he brings to the situation. I've known Brian for several years and his musical evolution is exciting to watch. Please enjoy my conversation with Brian Charette!